Monday, November 01, 2010

Zoom zoom zoom!!!!

First off, I just never get tired of these sunrises. We have been getting out and walking on the beach every morning and time it to coincide with the sunrise which is about 7:32. It gets us out exercising early while it is breezy and cool and is a change of scenery from walking in the park.

Yesterday we went to Cocoa with Brandon and Megan and took an airboat ride through the St. John's River basin. We were able to see several alligators and got fairly close to one who was sunning himself on the bank. He was missing a front paw so maybe that's why he wasn't so interested in moving, but we didn't harrass him either. When he started stirring, we left. Ho ho. We saw several others in the water and a couple on the banks and enjoyed our ride.

There are cattle that graze along the river's edge and the alligators don't bother them. The alligators won't bother anything larger than they are. Snakes, however, are more of a danger to the cattle.

Till next time. . .


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