Monday, November 22, 2010

Nice weather

It has been beautiful weather since we have been down here in the Rio Grande Valley. We walk every morning and ride bikes every afternoon. Every other day or so we go to the pool in the evening and spend some time in the hot tub.

I am still not over my sinus infection, but I am making progress. The cough is pretty much gone and I no longer go through a box of kleenex during the day. One ear is still closed up and that is annoying. I still have sinus pressure on that side.

I am dog sitting today. John, who is doing the new tile in Mom and Dad's park model, brought over his little mini-pin, Rainbow. Helen, John's wife, had a craft class this morning. When they were over working on Saturday I said they should bring the dog so she wouldn't have to spend the day all cooped up in their motorhome. So they brought her today and I am doggy-sitting. She is quite sweet, a little timid, but not hard to care for. She really likes Terry and wants on his lap all the time. We took her on our walk this morning and she walks really well.

We are going to have Thanksgiving dinner over at the hall on Thursday. We already have our ingredients for cranberry salad and pecan pie. It will be strange not having Mom and Dad there. They are waiting until after my nephew's wedding in December to come down. We are flying back up there. I told Terry we wasted money on our doctor's appointments last month. We could have just waited for these new screening procedures and let the TSA do our physicals for us. Har har.

Till next time. . .


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