Monday, November 29, 2010

Tile is Done!

John finished the tile in Mom and Dad's place on Wednesday before Thanksgiving. What a great job he did. It is beautiful. When Mom and Dad bought this park model, it was said to have new carpet in it; but for some reason, walking on it would cause black smudges to appear. I thought it had mold under it, but it didn't. When we took it up, it appeared to be clean underneath as was the underlayment. It's a mystery as to what was making the black marks. At any rate, they decided last year they would like to have tile put in. Since they are not arriving in the valley until after the big family wedding event in December, it was a good time for the tile work to be done. We had the same man who built our shed last spring do the tile work. He is meticulous and did a very good job. I think Mom and Dad will be pleased.

We had Thanksgiving dinner at the hall in our park. They place was full and there was lots of food to eat. Terry and I are on very strict diets due to his bout of heart failure this summer. We do not eat any salt. It is challenging to eat anywhere other than home, but on this day, we celebrated the holiday with friends and tried to choose foods that were not likely to have salt added. It is too hard to do that when you eat out in restaurants, but if we know we are going to eat somewhere, we will try to eat lighter before we go out.

The day after Thanksgiving used to be a big shopping day for us. Long before this was known as "Black Friday," we would bring our small children to grandma's house and she would babysit so Terry and I could shop. We usually made a list of what we wanted to buy and get it mostly done on that one day. My how times have changed. We no longer shop on Black Friday. I have completed most of my shopping and it was done on line. No standing in lines for me!

We used Friday to gather up everything we had taken out of the motorhome as we were headed to Houston on Saturday for Terry to see a specialist on Monday. We got stuff picked up and I also was able to get Mom and Dad's house pretty much back in order. I got the floor mopped. The tile grout leaves residue that has to be wiped up and the first day you can only use a dry mop. So I put my knee pads on the next day and used a wet rag on it. It really shines now. And it was quite easy to do because there was very little furniture to work around. Now everything is back in place and it looks very nice. I didn't put their large rugs down yet, but will do that when I get back down there, hopefully in another week.

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