Monday, November 29, 2010

Great Friends. . . Great Stop!

We had thought we might leave the Valley on Friday, but as can happen in the Valley, we had strong winds for about three days. The plan was to head up toward Aransas Pass where some friends were staying, but the wind was following that route, so we decided to delay our departure a day and get some other things done before we left.

Saturday was a great travel day and we found other friends were staying in Victoria, so we decided a stop there would break up the trip to Houston and allow us time to meet with Bob and Betsy. They were between assignments, but got a call while we were on our way there. They ended up leaving the camp the same time we did on Sunday morning. They are "gate keepers" on a large ranch. There may be several oil wells on the property and the gates allowing access must be manned to make sure everyone coming in has business there. Some gates are open only during the day, but this gate where Bob and Betsy are going is to be open 24/7 for a period of time. It is a new site and they are bringing in the rig today. That would be something to see! All of their needs are provided for. . . they are kept stocked with fresh water, a large generator to supply power, LP for their motorhome and they are pumped out whenever necessary.

It was great visiting with them and sharing a couple meals before we all had to move on. They have bought a place in Meridian, Idaho, and we hope to visit them there some day.

Yesterday we had an easy drive up to Houston and to the LakeView RV Resort. This is a beautiful park and we are very comfortable here. It is expensive, but much cheaper than a Houston hotel room, that's for sure. And they have weekly and monthly rates as well. Our plan is to be here for about a week and then head back to the Valley. From there we will fly back to Indiana for our nephew's wedding. We were here a few weeks ago on our way down to the Valley, so I have included a picture from that visit.

Till next time. . .


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