Sunday, November 14, 2010

Way down south in Mission Texas

We arrived at our lot in Mission Texas yesterday about 5pm, for a 2 week stay. The drive over from Florida was split up into several segments. We stopped off for 3 days at my cousin Gary and Jo's place outside of Zachary LA, for some family time. Friday we headed west to Houston for a night, before the final leg to Mission yesterday.

Everything at our lot was as we left it except for one of Dale's cacti cuttings bit the dust..kinda yellow instead of green. We think it might of been hit by weed killer applied during our time away. We just might have to visit Roger and Alicia's for another cutting. The other cutting from the same cactus that Dale had in a pot over the summer, survived quite well.

The temp made it to 74 today, which is a great way to start the winter. I unloaded a lot of stuff from the basement of the motorhome and from the bed of the Sport Trac into the the storage shed, then we watched and slept through most of the NASCAR race.

Dale has been under the weather for the past few days with a bad sinus infection, hopefully she starts getting relief soon.



S. said...

glad u arrived safely

S. said...

glad u arrived safely

Alicia said...

Come by anytime for the cacti. You should of seen all the blooms on it this summer. Have yard sale this weekend, Fri and Sat. Stop by

Dale said...

Might just do that Alicia. My barrel cactus made it through the summer, but the cuttings did not. Would really like to try again. Thanks!

Tab & Deanna said...

Any chance you could publish that in any smaller text? WTH!!! You trying to make us all feel old?

Dale said...

Hahah, Tab. I will have to check on that.