Friday, March 16, 2012

Aenea Anwen Lynch

Our new granddaughter was born March 12, 2012, in Virginia. She was just 28 weeks gestation and weighed 2.75 pounds and measured 14.25 inches. She looks absolutely perfect, just very tiny. She is doing very well and is not requiring much more than normal NICU care for her age. I will blog more about her later, but I am currently using Terry's netbook with a dinky keyboard that I love to hate.

She was born late Monday night at home and we found out early Tuesday morning. I hopped a plane from McAllen to Charlottesville and arrived late Tuesday night. I am here to help with big brother Ronan so Mom and Dad can spend as much time as they want with the new baby. I fly back to Texas next Monday.

Jocelyn is doing remarkably well, busy with the breast pump. Mother's milk is so very important to preemies. She had been ill a few days before the surprise birth, but there is no determination of what she had or what caused the premature birth.

It will be a busy time in the weeks and months ahead for the family as little Aenea (uh-NEE-ah) gains weight and strength. All is going well so far and prayers are always welcome.

I will blog more when I return to Texas.

Till next time. . .



Kevin and Ruth said...

Congratulations on you new grandchild. We really hope that everything will continue to improve for both your daughter and grandbaby. It is certainly a very early birth but with the technology that they have now, I am sure that things will go well.

Kevin and Ruth

Dale said...

Thanks, Kevin and Ruth,

She seems to be holding her own and hasn't developed any problems, so we pray for continued progress.

Molly and Bob said...

Congrats to all of you and we'll keep her in our prayers. Bet she is adorable!