Saturday, March 24, 2012

Leaving Mission. . .

This morning we broke camp in Mission, Texas, and started our trek north. Actually we had been breaking camp for several days. We started a few days ago getting things put up and getting the coach ready to go.

The Texas Room is not completely finished, but it is more complete than we thought it would be by now, so we are happy. We have work to do when we come back next fall, but we may even ask John to help with it and get it all done in a week or so. We think the room will be a great benefit to us and give us a little more space while we are there and even make it more sellable when we decide to leave that area.

We drove 245 miles to Victoria, Texas, and are camped in the Gateway to the Gulf RV Park. This is a nice park and very convenient for us. We were out visiting with neighbors tonight and met "Morgan" the macaw. She even let me hold her. She is a beautiful bird and was very mild mannered.

We also talked with the couple next to us. They now live in Tennessee, but are from the Richmond, Indiana, area and she graduated from Ball State. He was a printing and graphic arts teacher. Hah. Imagine that. We lived about 35 miles from Richmond, both graduated from Ball State and Terry has a degree in teaching printing and graphic arts. The fellow, Terry and I are all vocationally licensed. Small world indeed.

Tomorrow we head to Houston where we have reservations at Lakeview RV Resort for two nights. Terry has his one year cancer checkup at MD Anderson on Monday. Then we will start heading east and north.

Just a note about baby Aenea. She is doing very, very well. She first came off the oscillator, then off the regular vent. She now breathes totally on her own. She is on CPAP, but they are also weaning her off that. She is involved with "Kangaroo Care" which means Mom puts her into her shirt for some skin to skin contact and then they wrap up in blankets. Tom thought they may remove all the IV's for supplemental nutrition today. She has been getting her mother's milk since she was born. She is almost two weeks old now.

Till next time. . .


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