Thursday, March 22, 2012

Texas Room, work continues!

The Texas Room is not done and will not be done before we leave here on Saturday. We knew going in that it would not get finished, but we actually are further along than we anticipated we would be at this point, so that makes us very happy.

While I was gone to Virginia, Terry took delivery of the kitchen cabinets. He has those installed and the microwave/convection oven set. Because Home Depot jerked us around a lot on the cabinets and damaged them and delayed delivery, we were not able to get the countertop set. That is inconvenient at this point, but we really hadn't found the countertop we wanted, so perhaps next fall we will be able to find just what we want.

The refrigerator that "was no longer available" was found and it is in and working well. . . freezing ice cream hard just like Terry likes it. We have more freezer space now so next year we will be able to take advantage of sales of frozen goods when we return here.

I am finishing up the painting over the bathtub which was not ready when we painted before and I have been painting coats of white to my ironing board wall unit. Terry wants to hang it before we leave.

So things are coming along. The outside is cleaned up and all extra items have been returned to the various stores. Terry thought he would get a little more "down" time before we left, but without me being here last week, he really had to hustle to get everything done.

Last evening we went out to eat with Mom and Dad at Mr. Gatti's one last time. It was pretty good. . . pizza, pasta, soup, salad, drink, etc., all for a $3.99 coupon. They have four coupons left for when my sister and niece get here in another three weeks to drive them home.

We bought ribeye steaks for tomorrow lunch and are going to have a feast for Mom and Dad. I just rushed home from Virginia and with finishing stuff up on the Texas room and getting ready to roll and all, kinda feel like I'm not spending enough time with them.

We are leaving for Houston on Saturday, but will spend the night in Victoria. . . then roll into Houston on Sunday. Already emailed my cousin and have an invite for Sunday dinner, so we will be able to touch base with them. Monday is Terry's cancer checkup at MD Anderson.

Life is good.

Till next time. . .


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