Saturday, March 10, 2012

Winding down!

Well, this morning we went to breakfast. The park puts on a different breakfast every Saturday and we haven't missed one while we have been here. There are pretty good for $3 and we enjoy getting out and visiting with other park residents.

John came back this morning and worked on the bathroom sink. There was a leak and he fixed it. But when he fixed it, he re-assembled something incorrectly and you couldn't move the plunger to open the sink up again. Terry fiddled with it and got it working, but the handle is leaking now. It's not leaking from the drain anymore, so he is going to have to work on it again.

It was a cold day here in the RGV. . . colder than yesterday I think. But there isn't any wind today. Terry wanted to work out in the building, but it was chilly, so he got out the fireplace heater we bought to put in the room. After using it for a few hours, we think we probably didn't need the heat pump/AC unit we bought. The little fireplace heated the entire space and it felt so warm and toasty in there.

I cleaned on the inside. Going to do the windows on the outside tomorrow and also work more on the back door. It is a used trailer door and works nicely as an egress door, but it needs to be cleaned up. I removed the stickers off the new windows and swept and mopped the floor this time. I hadn't mopped the tile yet, but I went over it today. It looks so nice. I am going to love it.

It will all get messed up once again when the kitchen cabinets are installed, but that is okay. I wanted it cleaned up. I think I may put our lawn chairs in there and maybe we can "cozy" up to the fire some evening. Hah.

I have a lot of things I'm thinking I would like to buy and put in the room, but I probably won't do that this year yet. Probably will wait till next year. We leave here in two weeks, so we don't have time to do much. And it still isn't finished. . . the woodwork needs to be put down, gas installed, heat pump/AC installed, etc.

I included some pictures I took after cleaning today. They are pretty self-explanatory. There will, of course, be doors on the closets when we are done!

Till next time. . .


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