Sunday, March 04, 2012

Texas Room, Day 25!

Friday John spent the day under the Texas room laying pipe. Whoot! He wishes he had made the room a few more inches off the ground because he has to suck it in when he scoots under the joists. But he got it done! All the plumbing underneath is completed and nothing is leaking. He still has to run gas lines underneath, but the big part is done. Terry sat at the edge of the room with all the parts in bags and as John would call for them, he would pass them under to where John was working.

When John went home for the day, we were able to push the dirt back in the hole and cover up the connections. There will still be skirting to put around the unit, but this had to be done first. None of the appliances are set yet, but we are getting closer.

Yesterday Terry and I painted. The ceiling is done. We actually primed the entire place on Friday evening, then yesterday painted the ceiling. Actually, the closets are done as well. Today we hope to go out and paint the walls. We went last evening and bought more paint, thinking the one gallon we got earlier would not do the trick. So we are all set now.

We have a big delivery for Thursday, but the tile has to be laid first. If it doesn't get done, we will have to postpone the delivery. That includes the washer/dryer, the refrigerator and the water heater.

It's coming along!

Till next time. . .


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