Thursday, March 01, 2012

Texas Room Day 24!

Today John sanded all morning. He got the drywall ready for painting. After lunch Terry and I started applying the primer. It took us most of the afternoon and into the evening. We used four gallons of primer. While we were doing that, John worked on the plumbing. He has the water lines plumbed into the building. He certainly works quickly!

We are dead tired. . . wait. . . maybe just dead. That would explain how tired we are. It was supposed to get to 88* today. Don't know if it did, but it was breezy, so it was nice under the canopy all day. The room is so well insulated that with the breeze going through, it stays nice enough to work. It was a little hot in the closet though. Tomorrow it is supposed to be 95*. Ugh. Hope it doesn't get that hot. It would make working a little uncomfortable. Once we get the area painted where the air conditioner will go, it can be installed.

Till next time. . .


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