Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ah, so Grand

We left Meteor Crater Park this morning and drove to Flagstaff. We both had to have bloodwork done and we had located a LabCorp in Flagstaff. There is virtually no place to park Phaeton Place in Flagstaff. . . they are very restrictive about parking and leaving RV's. So Terry located the lone truckstop in town to ask if we could leave the motorhome there while we went into town. The answer was yes, so we drove into the truckstop and fueled. Then we hopped in the truck and drove to LabCorp which was only about three miles away. We got in and got our blood work, then drove back to the truckstop and fueled the truck and went into the restaurant and ate. We thought it fitting that we give them some business since they were gracious enough to allow us to park for a bit.

We drove on up to the Grand Canyon and Terry snapped a couple shots of the road. We took the scenic mountain road. Once at the Grand Canyon Park, we drove into the park to the Trailer Village only to find out it was full. We certainly didn't think it would be full when it is freezing at night, but apparently there are some hardy campers out there. We came back south to Grand Canyon Camper Village and got a spot for a ridiculously high price. They think nothing of raping you on the price of a 30Amp dirt campsite. But we took it for 2 nights so we could take our time tomorrow looking at the canyon.

After we got setup, we headed up the road to watch the sunset. We were a little late and almost missed it completely. We will plan differently tomorrow. But even in the low light, the view was spectacular and awesome. We were at a lookout which had a viewing room with wrap around windows so we were nice and safely tucked inside. We stayed until dark then drove back to the camp. Tomorrow we hope to head up early and ride the shuttle busses to other viewing areas.
Till next time. . .


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