Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Yoder, Kansas - Amish Country

We left our $8/night campsite mid-morning. It was clear and sunny, cold but warming up rapidly with the sunshine. We had our coldest night yet, dipping down to about 33. We drove about 100 miles to Yoder, Kansas, just south of Hutchinson.

Yoder is a very small community with some shops, a meat store and a couple restaurants. We made the rounds this afternoon and ate dinner at the Carriage Crossing. Good food. Tomorrow we are going south of town to an Amish country variety store. We always like the Amish stores out in the country. We are also going to go to Hutchinson and take in the Salt Mine Museum. It is underground. They are still mining salt, but far away from where we will be. They store stuff in the mines now. There are some legendary movie reels there. I will know more after we tour it.

We are at the Hitchin' Post RV Park. This is just a small park right off the highway. Self serve. Full hookups with 50 Amp for $20. There is a laundry with a single bath/shower which is nothing fancy, but new and clean. Out behind us is a field and we noticed a piece of equipment in the field. Terry said, "Keep your eye out because that is a piece of horse-drawn equipment." It wasn't long before we saw two draft horses pulling that planter. Apparently there was something wrong with it because the Amish man kept stopping and fiddling with the grain bins. He eventually gave up and took his team back home. The horses were just beautiful.

We fought wind all the way here today. I had a headache so I drove the second leg and when we arrived here, Terry said the wind was much worse than what he had driven through. Thanks. It kept blowing but was reasonably warm and sunny. Later when we went out exploring it started clouding up and then started raining. When the rain stopped, the wind died down a bit and was much more comfortable. But later this evening the wind started back up. It is still windy now. We have not deployed the Datastorm because of the wind, but we have our aircard, so all is well.

Till next time. . .



Janice said...

With a name like Yoder - it had to be Amish - haha! Like you, I just love the areas of the US that are Amish. And their stores are so interesting! 30's at night? Eeek! It's the 40's here and I'm about to freeze. Keep warm!

Anonymous said...

If you are in western Kansas, you will have wind. It's part of the culture:-) It probably won't stop til you get close to Pueblo.

Cold and rain/snow through Monday. Call ahead. With that much moisture, you may not want to try our gravel roads:-)

Have a good time in Hutch. Enjoy the Amish in Yoder. I so glad you are touring Kansas. So many people just pass it by. Lots of interesting things here:-)


jocelyn said...

I really liked the Plains states. And at night, the wind really picks up. Whoooooooosh. We eventually calmed down, because Jericho was okay with the tent being crazy in the wind. ;)