Monday, October 26, 2009

Fun in the Sun!

Finally. . . warmer weather. We are at Distant Drums RV Park, owned by some Indian Tribe, in Camp Verde, Arizona, 53 miles south of Flagstaff. The park is beautiful, but it amazes us how some parks are done.

You would think with an investment like this, they would hire someone who knows what they are doing, wouldn't you? The park is beautifully landscaped and sites are paved. But I don't think there is a level site in the park. Why do they create such a nice place with all the amenities and fail to bring a level? Backed into our site, we are a FULL bubble out. I went to the office and asked for another site. They were very nice and showed me four other sites which were available. I checked those all out. . . same problem. But two of those sites, while the pad was long enough, had a rise right behind the pad, and the longer motorhomes on that row were backed into the dirt. Hmmmm. Then the landscaping. While beautiful, you cannot get to any of your bay doors without having someone lean against a bush to hold it out of the way. We have to walk around the bushes onto our neighbor's site in order to get to our wet bay. Now that is convenient.

But no matter. We have already met the neighbors and others down our street as well as several dogs. Neal finally got his long awaited bath yesterday. What a chore. He fights like Bruce Lee when you try to bathe him. For a handicapped dog, he has more moves than Steven Segal. But he is clean and I changed his bedding. He has to feel better.

Phaeton Place is getting a bath tomorrow. We cannot wash it here, but there is a guy who comes around and uses his own water. So we are on the schedule. The motorhome is so dirty and no place will allow you to wash your coaches. I don't think there is a dirtier rig in here. We took the bikes off the back to make it more accessible. We put the bikes on the back of the truck and we are going to find a car wash and wash the bikes as they are also very dirty.

On another note. . . to borrow a phrase from my favorite comedian, Ron White. . . you just can't fix stupid. We saw this yesterday on I-17 coming south out of Flagstaff. This gal had one lane closed off due to stupidity and when the proper equipment arrives to get her out. . . they will likely have to close the southbound lanes for awhile. Less than a mile down the road was an interchange where she could have exited, crossed over the bridge, and entered on the northbound side. Sheesh!

Till next time. . .



Anonymous said...

You gotta love Ron White, he says it like it is.

Dale said...

Yep, would love to see him sometime.


Terry said...

If you check the mirror on the motorhome you can see the two AZ State Troopers just waiting the write the young lady in the U-Haul truck a nice piece of paper.