Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Finally made it to Tribune, Kansas!

We have been trying for several days to get to Tribune, Kansas, and our friends Wes and Jan, members of our fulltiming class of 2005. The weather has been less than cooperative with rain, ice, etc., so we have been hanging out other places until we could get here. Yesterday was the day and we arrived shortly after noon.

Wes had expressed concern over our driving Phaeton Place down their county roads which are not paved. We had a hard time understanding this logic as we have gravel roads back in Indiana. Well, Indiana gravel roads cannot hold a candle to the dirt roads here when they are wet. Wes says the gravel moves to the side and what is left in the middle is dirt and when it gets wet, it gets slippery and greasy. So it was decided we would park at a campsite in town. The owner here has about a dozen sites along highway 96 which are open and spacious and full hookups with 50A for $15. Nothing fancy, but not muddy and quite adequate for our needs. The others in here are all workers on the road project.

We parked and got settled. . . it was STILL raining, but supposed to stop at 6 p.m. I have decided never to believe another weatherman. . . ever. . . as this morning when we took Neal out it is STILL raining. We had thought we might stay here another night, but we are so tired of the cold wet weather and we know Neal is. Poor little guy. He had to have a bath last night as he just got so dirty falling in the mud so we are headed toward Pueblo, Colorado, where temps are SUPPOSED to be warmer and no rain is in the forecast. So that is where we are headed today.

We had a great time with Wes and Jan last night. They have a farm a few miles from town and they invited us for dinner last night. It was great. We drove out there in our Sport Trac and actually had to (for the first time) use the 4WD feature over the dirt roads. (We now understand the logic of "alternature mud routes" for the school busses.) We got to meet Sophie the dog and see the house where Jan grew up. They moved back here from the Denver area when her parents died and hope to sell the farm in the future and hit the road full time. Jan and Wes fixed us grilled chicken, scalloped potatoes, green beans, garden salad, deviled eggs, homemade Italian herb bread and homemade apple pie for dessert. Wow. It was all so very good and we enjoyed our visit tremendously. Maybe we can visit again in better weather before they sell out.
Thanks friends and see you down the road!

Till next time. . .



Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming by. We are really sorry you couldn't bring your MH here. Maybe next time it will be better. We enjoyed your visit. Hope you enjoy the remainder of your trip and have better weather. It was great to see you again!


Dale said...

Thanks so much for your hospitality Jan and Wes. It was you two we wanted to see most, so I would say the visit to Tribune was a success!