Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Red Rocks of Sedona

Sedona is always a beautiful experience. The red rocks are outstanding and breathtaking in their silent and majestic dignity. We have been here before, but always enjoy the views.

We drove in from our campground, just 18 miles south. We did go to the Chapel in the Rock this time, but it was so crowded and the walk is uphill once you get parked. We chose not to do that. If we could have parked closer and had a smaller crowd, we might have managed it; but I did get a great picture.

We went on into Sedona and found a parking place, then walked the town, down one side and up the other. Bought very little. . . a couple of red dirt shirts. These are T-shirts dyed with the red dirt Sedona is famous for. We also ate lunch at a Mexican restaurant which we thought to be terribly expensive, but all the restaurants had about the same prices on their food. Nothing under $10. Hah!

We were really tired by the time we had completed the walk. We drove through Cottonwood on the way home, because there was a lot of road construction on the main road into Sedona and didn't want to get stopped in that again.

Tomorrow morning we are going to be home as the motorhome washers are coming. Can't wait to get all that dirt off Phaeton Place. She should look like a new rig after that! We washed our bikes this morning, so perhaps tomorrow we can go for a nice ride.

Till next time. . .



Terry said...

Well, Gary's Mobile Wash missed out on our $75 donation to his retirement fund or beer supply since he failed to show up or call. Dale has put a nice big sign on the windshield and door telling him we've canceled our wash on his non-answered cell phone.

The park we move on to tomorrow finally allows RV washing.

Terry said...

Gary's Mobile Wash called late last night offered a free wash, which we accepted. Gave them $30 for "lunch" after their 75 minute effort, which was of average quality. We think one of the park employees contacted him about Dale's sign.

Bob and Molly said...

Love Sedona!!!
Glad your Mh is clean now!! :O)
HUGS! Hope to see you guys in Texas!