Friday, October 23, 2009

Grand Canyon, Day 2

Terry had suggested that since we missed sunset last night, we should try and do sunrise this morning. That would involve getting up WAAAAY too early for me and we would also have to get Neal to cooperate and "do his business" so we could "safely" leave for a couple hours. Well, I woke up at 5. Terry got up as well and we thought. . . . Hmmmmm, this could work. Let's see if Neal will cooperate. We started getting around and sure enough Neal got up, went out and cooperated and came in for his breakfast. At 6:00 we were headed out to the park and to the observation point where we thought would be a good spot.

It wasn't near as crowded as last night, but there were still quite a few people out. It is really quite awesome because people are very quiet waiting on the sun to show its face. It wasn't long. . . I mean, we just made it there. I snapped several pictures of the sun peaking out. Afterwards we drove east along Desert View road and stopped at several lookout points and snapped more pix as the sun continued to rise in the sky. We were asked a couple times to take pictures of people. Foreigners aren't bashful about asking, and most speak enough English that we were able to carry on a conversation. So we happily obliged.

We were out for a couple hours, then came back to the motorhome and Neal. I downloaded all the pictures I had taken and we rested up a bit. Then about 11:30 we left again. We drove to the Grand Canyon Village this time, parked, and walked to the bus stop for the shuttle busses that ran west onto a road where private cars are prohibited. The busses run every 15 minutes or so. We stopped at every stop along the way and got back on, riding to Hermit's Rest which is the turnaround point. We took a break there, then hopped back on the bus and rode back to where the car was parked. We had lunch in the cafeteria there and then drove back to the motorhome.

On the drives through the park we have seen quite a few elk, squirrels, a bluebird, and mule deer. It has been beautiful while we have been here. Cold at night, down to 28, but warm enough during the day we only need a sweatshirt. Tomorrow we are heading back down to Flagstaff for a couple days, then on down to Sedona.

Till next time. . .


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