Friday, October 09, 2009

What a difference!

We are again changing our journey a bit as the storms plowing through the midwest are causing rain, wind, and cold temperatures here in south central Kansas. Snow flurries are a possibility where we were going, so we just decided not to go. . . yet. This weather is a bit unusual they say for this area and next week will be back up in the 60's, so we are staying here until Sunday, then moving on to Dodge City.

We did decide to move from Yoder, Kansas, to the state fair grounds campground in Hutchinson. Not far away, but man what a difference. We aren't exposed to the wind here like we were in Yoder, so our slide toppers aren't being battered. We also aren't feeling the draftiness that goes with a lot of wind. On the door side of the coach, we are protected from the wind while we are out with Neal. AND. . . the sun is shining today! We have had overcast skies and rain/mist since we arrived.

On the way up here, we fueled at a truck stop. Would not have had to just yet, but it was easy in/out. After that, we went into Hutchinson to Ramsey Oil and filled with propane. We had scouted it out last night and again it was easy in/out. With temps dipping down into the low 30's, we wanted to make sure we had enough propane. We primarily use our heat pumps if we have good electric, but when it gets that cold, we have to switch over to the propane furnaces.

As we were eating lunch here in the motorhome, we were surprised by the number of birds outside grazing on the lawn. Good thing Mom isn't here, heh heh. Earlier in the week we were in a check out somewhere and someone else mentioned the birds to the cashier. They noticed how it was unusual for the area. . . where is Alfred Hitchcock?

People here in Kansas are very friendly. Everyone we met today was nice and very helpful. In fact, that has been the rule here in Kansas.

Till next time. . .



Janice said...

Stay warm!!! We do the same (heat pumps etc). Temps this coming week are going into the 30's here as well - time to head south!

To bad about the salt mine tour, sounds like it was interesting though.

Anonymous said...

It's going to dip down here in Mass now too. I'm anxious to move on but we have a few more relatives to visit.
You're in a state we've never driven through. I'll be paying attention to your posts for future reference.
There's a fundraiser Oktoberfest in this Elks Lodge today and they needed us to move to a different part of the property. It turned out to be a big improvement in our TV reception. And, with all the rain we are now on asphalt rather than in mud.
I won't miss the hyper liberal thinking here in New England. I keep wondering what the founding fathers would think of the nasty namecalling that seems to be a regional sport. Someone thought they were joking WITH me and said I could get together with Sarah Palin when we go to Alaska (smirking and making a face) and they were horrified when I stated that I like her...and added that at least she's truthful. I won't even get started on the Nobel Peace debacle. I did see some of the funniest observations on Twitter as a result.

I'm getting a little carried away so let me close with..
Happy Trails!

Dale said...

Yep, Susan, you need to head south. You are outnumbered where you are. Right now I'm wishing I was sitting in South Texas, but we just have 2 cold weather days, then it promises to be better.


Anonymous said...

Stay in and stay warm! We are up to 34 right now, with rain, sleet and occasional snow flakes. Sure is pretty, but roads are probably pretty slick. We are headed to Garden City. This is supposed to clear off by noon. We'll see:)

Enjoy Dodge City. See you Tuesday:)