Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Fun in Skagway!

Today we woke up to rain. . . not sure how much it rains in Skagway, but I get the feeling it is a lot. But it wasn't a heavy rain. There was also a lot of wind though which makes walking through it a bit more tedious.

We are in an RV park in a city park and are just around the corner from the White Pass Railroad. We are the same distance from the downtown area. I guess I would say it's about a block and a half. So we plan to walk everywhere. On Thursday, we will probably move to dump our tanks and will continue out of the park and go see the few things that are too far for us to walk to.

We walked downtown for a couple hours and perused the local shops. Didn't buy too much, and the number of visitors from the four cruise ships in town made negotiating through the shops difficult at best. So after a couple hours we walked back to the motorhome. We were tired and it was getting cold with the rain and all, so we took naps. LOL

We set the alarm clock because we were scheduled for the 4:30 trip on the White Pass/Yukon Route Railroad. The railroad was building in 1898 during the Klondike Gold Rush to take the miners up over the mountains to access the goldfields. It passes through two tunnels and crosses a few bridges. The landscape is breathtaking and very similar to what we saw coming down the South Klondike Highway the other day, but I was busy watching the road then! LOL

We walked to the rail depot and it was still misting, but by the time we got on and settled in for our 3-hour tour, the rain had stopped. We had a pleasant trip and although it was not sunny, it was scenic and a great ride through some beautiful country.


We got home before 8 p.m. So we ate a quick supper. I finally got to see a couple cruise boats leaving so I stood and watched. I didn't have my camera with me but it would have looked like still shots. The boats were moving oh, so slowly and they would not have looked like they were moving at all.

The nights are getting to be more normal. . . for us that means at night, it gets dark! LOL When we were further north, in the land of the midnight sun, it just did not get dark at night. Even if you awoke at 1-2 a.m. It would be light enough outside to read a newspaper. It's kind of eerie because if you look out, no one is stirring. But on the other hand, people do tend to stay up later and socialize when it is still light out. But as we traveled further south, that gradually began to change.

Till next time. . .


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