Saturday, July 06, 2013

Tok to Beaver Creek

We left Tok this morning and traveled to Beaver Creek, Yukon Territory. We had to cross the border into Canada, so we got out our “border documents” folder and were good to go.

When we started east on the Alaskan Highway, we could see smoke in the distance from the wildfires burning. When we were down in Valdez, it rained the entire time, but it hasn't rained up north and it is sunny and breezy. Not good for the firefighters.
We made a couple stops along the way to look at scenery. The road was good, then bad, then worse, then back to bad, then worst. It makes it hard to make any time at all because we slow way down in order to not damage any of the coach. Other people must not care because people passed us. Like yesterday, we saw rigs bottoming out on the roadway. It's a wonder some of them make it to their destination. Some areas of road construction were so long they require a pilot car.

Once we passed through Canadian customs we got into Beaver Creek, our destination for the night. We had decided to stay here because a friend of ours on the forum, Sue.T. Is from here. She had told us about the Beaver Creek Rendevous theater and their stage show. We decided to get in early enough we would try to get tickets and go. It is a dinner theater and we were in luck. They had tickets available and they even said they would accommodate my gluten free request!

We crossed the street and went to the Visitor's Center and met the staff there. We were greeted with a handshake and pleasant conversation from “Sid.” He asked where we were from and how we happened to stop in Beaver Creek. I mentioned my friend Sue and said that I knew her Dad had built the airport. Well, Sid knew exactly who I was talking about and before I knew it, we had an invitation to go with him and explore his “private” museum at his home. He took us down the block and stepped back in time in his little corner of the world. He is an interesting man and he collects “stuff” from anywhere he can get it. He salvages items mostly that have been cast off by others. He has built many buildings and has created a look of a small town complete with boardwalk. He has compiled items and grouped like items together. For instance he has one building which is a general store with an authentic look, stocking the shelves with actual cans and goods from a by-gone era. He has a “bathhouse” and a couple other rooms which have the look of a laundry room and even a tool shop. It was an interesting conversation with Sid and we enjoyed his hospitality which included a tour of his home he built from materials he salvaged from buildings that were not longer used. I asked him if “American Pickers” had expressed an interest in him. He said, “No, but I understand the Canadian pickers might be thinking about it.”

Since we still had time before the show, we went and got our laundry and got it done while we used their wifi. The wifi worked well, but you had to use it in their building, so everyone kind of congregated there. The atmosphere in this place is very relaxed and the employees are very nice. Once the laundry was done and put away, we got ready to go to dinner and enjoy the show.

I was told that when I got there, I was to ask Officer Friendly to make me a “gluten-free” s'more. Officer Friendly was a Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman or least in that uniform. I asked him about the special s'more and he said he would make me one. The dinner theater is round and there is a giant firepit in the center. The roof is open at the top for the smoke to rise and people gathered around the pit and roasted marshmallows and made s'mores. Officer Friendly brought me my s'more which was a large marshmallow toasted to perfection. The middle was indented and chocolate shavings filled the “cup.” What a neat idea. No graham cracker because of the gluten. Hence a “gluten-free” s'more. It was delicious.

Dinner was excellent. The main dish was a meat stew with a bread which is a traditional bread perhaps of the Natives. Also on the menu was a dinner salad, roast chicken and rice pilaf. My gluten free dish was chicken stir fry which was very good. For dessert, baked Alaska, which looked delicious. I had a fruit cup, which include several kinds of fruit. Also very good.

After we had our fill, the show started. The musical performance included Officer Friendly, who played different roles, and a young woman. The theme of the show was a telling through song of the history and development of the Yukon Territory. It included tidbits about bush pilots, the goldrush, dance halls, building the Alaska highway, World War II, etc. The music was excellent and played by an actual pianist, a superb talent. The stars were also extremely talented and never hit a wrong note. We were glad we took the time to stop here and take in the show.

We understand that this performance will end in September. The tour line which has purchased this Inn is closing it down. What a shame. The one performer has been doing the show for 22 years. It truly will be a hardship for this little town. The theater has been a stop on the tour for busses and the audience has enjoyed it for years. We hate to hear it will be gone.

It's late now as the show lasted till almost 10 p.m. But it was a most enjoyable evening.

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Colleen Phipps said...

What a shame, glad you got the chance to enjoy it.