Thursday, July 25, 2013

Prince Rupert to Fort Telkwa, British Columbia

What a night! Our ferry left last night at 7:45 p.m. and we had quite a sendoff. Two eagles were poised at the pier and supervised the exit from the dock. Pretty cool. It was overcast and misting at times, but it was still a nice view down through the channels. There were not a lot of people on the boat. . . we probably had fewer than 15 in the forward observation lounge. We had reserved a cabin which I thought would be good for the 7.5 hour sailing so that Terry could get some rest. I planned to as well, but I wanted to at least check sometime during the night to see if there were any visible auroras.

As it was, I forgot to turn my phone off and we were both snoozing when I got text messages from Verizon hawking their international plan. . . which basically is non-existent anyway. I could have done without the wakeup call. Once up though, at midnight it was, I headed up to the observation deck, but no one was there and it was dark, so I went back to the cabin and tried to get back to sleep. That was not to be because at 1:30 we were slowing down coming into port. ???? Thought this was a 7 hour ride? Well, it took another hour to dock and we were "early," so we got up and ready to depart.

Once off the boat, we had to go through customs. There weren't that many vehicles on the boat, but we all had to go through customs and they were taking their time. The people in front of us were pulled over, but when we got up there, we sailed through. The guy was very nice and talked to us about our trip.

It was 4:30 a.m. so we stopped in Prince Rupert at Tim Horton's and got coffee. Then we headed out. It was foggy, but the roads were good so we made good time. We were both tired, though. When we got to the next town, we found a restaurant and ate breakfast. Then about 25 miles down the road, we were really tired, so we pulled into a rest area and slept for about an hour and a half. That refreshed us and we pushed on to Fort Telkwa where we are in a nice full hookup campsite with a very nice bathhouse. We were tired by the time we got here, though, so once again, we just crashed and slept. Terry slept less than I did. . . I slept till 6 p.m. Then I fixed us some supper and we sat outside a bit. We are next to a river, but up high. It is a lovely view, however, with mountains in the background.

Tonight as we left the coach for the bathhouse I looked across the river and saw a fox! He was hunting along the river bank on the far side. We watched for awhile, then I got the camera and was able to get off a couple quick shots of him. Cool.

Tomorrow we will probably stop in Prince George, B.C. or we may go further. We are anxious to get home now that Brynlee is here!

Till next time. . .


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