Friday, July 26, 2013

Fort Telkwa, B.C. to McBride, British Columbia, Canada

We got a good night's sleep and were up at 6 this morning. Since this route, the Trans-Canada highway, is new to us, we weren't sure the condition of the road and how far we would be able to go on a given day. We left camp between 8 and 8:30 a.m.

The road has been very good. There are some areas of road construction, but even then the road is not very rough. . . it's just a little slow going through those areas.

We were treated to a lot of beautiful scenery and "threats" of wildlife on the road, but didn't see any. We stopped in Fort George and got a few groceries. We ate lunch in the parking lot and continued on. We drove until about 4:30 and are stopped in McBride, British Columbia. There really was not a lot that we saw along the way. It actually was similar to the wilderness in the Yukon. . . lots of trees, brush, lakes, etc., but not many people, etc.

We are in the Beaverview RV Park. It is a decent park with lots of grass. The Fraser River runs behind us and we walked down to have a look at it earlier. Very pretty setting with mountains in the background. We are beginning to see the Canadian Rockies in the east.

Not sure where tomorrow will take us, but we will surely get to Edmonton. Terry wants me to see the mall there. But he says I can't take any $$ with me. Ho ho. What fun is that?

Till next time. . .



Kevin Read said...

Beautiful area. My grandparents had a farm in the Fraser River Valley at Dunster, B.C., not far from McBride.

Tab, Deanna and Jessie said...

Once we hit 16 I don't think woes away wildlife till out of Canada :-(. Travel safe!