Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Misty and Me

Those of you who know my gardening skills know that I cannot grow anything other than a hangnail. But two years ago, Mom bought me a beautiful poinsettia for Christmas. I named her Misty. She seemed to like life in the motorhome and thrived on catching the sun from the front window wherever we happened to be. She grew and grew. I repotted her and she continued putting out leaves, albeit the red was gone and now she was just green. She became too big for the motorhome and it was always my thought to plant her here in Texas. Someone told me she wasn't the "right" kind of poinsettia to plant outside and she would not live. But when we got to Texas this fall, I told her it was "do or die." She was either going to make it or not, so we took a leap of faith and planted her. I have only watered her twice. . . we have had so much rain here in south Texas this winter that I didn't have to do more. I took these pictures of her this morning. She is bushy but it appears she is started to grow taller. I'm not sure how she will handle the heat this summer, but where she is located she gets a lot of shade. Misty. . . YOU GO GIRL!

I've also included pictures of the "twins." These are two cactus starts I got from my friend Alicia. They don't appear to have done much since I planted them, but they look healthy. They may just be taking some time to develop a root system.

Till next time. . .


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