Saturday, February 18, 2012

Texas Room, Day 14!

Today the siding was finished along the back. Wow it sure looks different with the siding on. Then the fun part came. John had to cut in all the small pieces over the tool shed where it attaches to the Texas room. It was really tedious work and John actually worked upside down part of the time. Terry helped cut pieces of siding and Wilmer assisted him. That way John didn't have to keep coming off the roof. He just measured and told the guys what he needed and they handed it up to him. It only took 45 minutes to do the siding on the back wall and the rest of the day to go around the corner and cut in the upper part. Whew.

The room is really taking shape. It looks pretty good now. We have to get some more supplies tomorrow and return some extra items. We are also going to order the drywall tomorrow. They will start hanging that as soon as it gets here. Whoo hoo! We are going to order the kitchen cabinets tomorrow too.

John said he would have it finished before he leaves the middle of March. I think he will get it done. We probably won't have any time to enjoy it this year before we leave to head north, but it will be waiting for us next fall when we return.

Till next time. . .


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