Friday, February 10, 2012

Texas Room, Day 10!

John, the builder, continued with the wiring today and incorporated the changes I requested. . . mainly more outlets.

Terry and I went to Alamo, Texas, to the True Value and ordered the vinyl siding. This is the same place where we purchased the siding for the tool shed two years ago. The owner is very nice and we have an account there which makes it nice. We can just put our purchases "on account" and they will send us a bill. All the siding is ordered and will be delivered on Monday. Also being delivered Monday is the bathtub and fiberglas walls, the commode and the convection/microwave oven. Whoo hoo! We aren't ready for it all, but we try to group the items for one delivery. Actually the delivery charge on the tub was almost $100. However, they deliver appliances for free. So we are having the oven delivered free and had the tub and walls added to the "free delivery" order, so it is all being delivered free. . . go figure. Actually, the appliance salesman told us to do it this way. What a guy!

We also had to make a trip back to Lowe's to change our tub from a right-hand drain to a left-hand drain. We tried making the change over the phone, but that wasn't working, so we went in person. Even then, several mistakes were made, but eventually the correct information prevailed. I told Terry we will probably get 3 bathtubs delivered Monday. Ho ho. We shall see.

The weather was cool today and a little misty, but not wet. Tomorrow is supposed to be a really nice day and next week mostly sunny and warm. I'm sure John will get working on the siding with the warm weather.

I will add pictures tomorrow.

Till next time. . .


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