Friday, February 24, 2012

What a difference a day makes!

Wow, the weather did an reverse flip about 7:45 this morning. It was in the 70's and no breeze out of the south. Then it abruptly changed and the wind blew in from the north and the temps dropped dramatically. The wind is probably in the 30+ mph with much higher gusts. The canopy is flexing a bit, but it does that. We have noticed when the wind is from the south, it doesn't as much anymore. I think it is because the wind hits the new Texas room and it sends it up over the roof. The shed roof on the room slopes to the south so the wind has a ramp up and over the canopy. It is spitting rain at us too.

The plan for today was to do the soffit and/or the skirting, but that is out of the question now. So John is figuring the plumbing they will be needing and they are going to go get that stuff. John does not waste a day, so something will get done.

More later. . . .


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