Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Texas Room, Day 17!

John started today with finishing installation of the remaining sheet rock; and, unfortunately, we came up a sheet short. But he got started mudding in the main room and actually finished mudding in all the walls. Later in the afternoon, I went in and used the shop vac to clean and sweep the floors.

It really is coming along, but I do hate this. I would rather take a vacation and come back to a completely finished project. Hah!

After the work was done for the day, Terry and I went to Home Depot to get a couple more boards of sheet rock. Fortunately, some nice cashier was able to help us load it on top of the little truck. If not, we would have had a hard time getting that done.

We had some excitement today. I was stepping down off the steps and saw a bunch of "crap" (literally) on the pavement. I thought it looked like bird crap and when I looked up, I saw two heads peeking out from the peak on the canopy. BIRDS!!!!! I yelled and they took off, but they returned a couple times. Guess they are looking for a place to nest. We have an owl up on a cross bar, but with the building going up right under him, I guess they cannot see him. We have a second owl that we put over the motorhome last year but hadn't put him up again. He actually swings and looks a little formidable, so I got up on the motorhome and hung him up there. It may take a little more encouraging to keep the birds from nesting up there. I have a long pole that I use to bump the roof. It is loud and usually scatters them. I will have to be diligent tomorrow to keep them from claiming a permanent abode.

In other news, I walked over to Mom's this afternoon and looked at her cactus as I passed by. One of them is blooming! Whoo Hoo! I haven't ever seen blooms on it before. It's just one, but it is pretty.

Tomorrow the mudding continues, moving along to the ceilings. Once that is finished, they will probably finish up the soffit and the skirting outside to give the mud a chance to dry.

Till next time. . .


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