Thursday, February 02, 2012

Texas Room, Day 4!

Even though the forecast included no rain, that didn't stop us from getting a bit. Yesterday it was actually forecast, but none came. Today, however, we had a couple moments of brief showers. The first time, the pavement didn't actually get wet, but it did later on. However, we had considerable wind and it dried very quickly. It didn't stop the work on the building, though.

The sidewalls went up today. Now we have four walls. The stage was set for the roof. I'm not sure they can get it done tomorrow, but hopefully the rafters will go up and maybe the decking. It is starting to take shape now.

We went to the jam tonight. There were some incredibly poor performers tonight. I can't imagine what makes people get up and sing who do not know music and cannot carry a tune. I wonder if they ever tape themselves and listen to what they sound like. The jam is supposed to last from 6-8, but anyone who wants can perform, so they started at 5:50 tonight and probably went till 8:45. We left at 7:15 at the break. The best performers are usually in the second half, but we were tired and it gets to be too much to sit on those chairs for almost 3 hours. Next week we will probably go after the break.

Till next time. . .


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