Monday, February 27, 2012

Texas Room, Day 21!

There isn't much different to show today. The day was spent applying the second coat of dry wall. John did all the walls and the ceilings and stopped early today. All the work on the ceiling caused his back to ache, so he wanted to go home and rest. No problem.

While he was doing that, Terry and I went and picked out some paint and looked at bathroom vanities. We did find a vanity and have it scheduled to be delivered the same day as our appliances. So that is taken care of.

While we were at Lowe's, we tried to buy a countertop, but we couldn't get anyone to wait on us. We have spent so much time waiting in these stores for someone who could help us and most times we end up leaving. I'm not sure how they sell these big items because they certainly don't keep the staff on hand to assist.

I'm not sure what will happen tomorrow. It is supposed to be a warm day but windy. John cannot put up the soffitt with wind, so he may work on something else. . . maybe plumbing. Who knows?

Till next time. . .


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