Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Texas Room Day 22!

Today was such a windy day. Probably had winds of 25-30 mph. John worked on completing the soffitt around the overhang on the Texas room. He got it all done! But he did run out of material. When we added the roof over the porch, that put him over on what we had bought. So about 1 p.m. I headed for Alamo to get the one piece of material he needed. Dad wasn't doing anything, so he went along with me. I think he enjoyed the ride. It was just over and back on the expressway, but he seemed to enjoy looking at the scenery and letting someone else drive.

I'm not sure what direction John will go tomorrow. He may be putting the final coat on the drywall. Once that dries then, Terry and I will paint. John is pushing hard to get as much finished as possible before he leaves on March 15, but I don't think it will all get done. The outside, however, will be finished, and that is all we need to worry about here in the park. All the cabinets and appliances will be delivered, however, so when we return next fall, we will have everything we need to finish.

Till next time. . .


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longdog2 said...

Looking good. Hope you enjoy it.