Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Anchorage to Kenai

We left about 9 a.m. this morning. We headed south toward Turnagain Arm. This road goes south of Anchorage and goes around the inlet known as Turnagain Arm. So you actually go down one side of the inlet, then turn and go up the other side. There were several pullouts where we stopped to take pictures. The scenery is really beautiful and with the water, actually ranks up higher on my list just because of that.

We stopped at Beluga Point and took some pictures. We observed on the mountain behind us there was a rather large band of Dall sheep. I took two pictures to show you the power of this camera I have. The first is what you see with my zoom lens, the second picture is with the naked eye. Pretty good.

Further on down the road is the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. There are many animals here which were orphaned or injured and brought to the center. They are rehabilitated. Some are kept permanently because of their injuries and others will eventually be released. We saw caribou, bears, moose, lynx, eagles, and wood bison. The wood bison are a bit different from the bison. They were near extinction and are being cared for at this preserve. The herd is getting larger and when it numbers 1500, they intend to release it into the wild.

We continued our journey south, intending to stop for the night in Cooper Landing. That area is very busy right now because the salmon are running. There were hundreds of fishermen in the river with waders on trying their luck at snagging the salmon. We ended up driving through and then stopping for the night in Kenai, Alaska. We are at the Beluga Lookout Lodge and RV Park. Supposedly this is a hotspot for viewing the beluga whales, but we haven't seen any evidence of that since we have been here. We think a more appropriate name would be "Tern Terrace" since there is an overabundance of terns (sea gulls) here. LOL We do sit high on a bluff overlooking the mouth of the Kenai River and we have water and mountains in the distance. It's really a beautiful place.

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