Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Around Kenai and Soldotna. . .

Today we left in the morning and went to get an oil change for the motorhome. This was the first one we have had since we left on our trip. Terry had them use synthetic oil in it this time as it is supposed to be able to go longer between oil changes and he wouldn't have to worry about going over the mileage on the trip home.

Afterwards, we did some exploring in the town of  Soldotna. Actually that is where we had the oil changed. . . it's just a few steps from Soldotna to Kenai. This entire area is known as the Kenai
Peninsula and it is lovely here. It is kind of a sportsman's paradise. We drove back to the Wildlife Refuge but found out it would require a lot of travel on dirt roads to "maybe" see some animals, so we decided not to go. We went to the Visitor's Bureau and took a stroll down their walkway to the Kenai River. The water is very fast and in just a few weeks, the area will be teaming with fishermen. When we drove down from Anchorage yesterday, the area around Cooper Landing was so busy and fishermen were standing in the river. The ladies told us that there was a lot of fishing down on the Kasilov River about 12 miles south so we went down there to see if we could watch the fishing. But there weren't too many people there and we were told that they will arrive around 5 p.m. The best fishing today will be from about 9 p.m. till midnight. We did see this fish wheel. This is a device used for centuries by the Indians.

On the way back to the camp, we stopped along the way on the other side of the river from our camp. The mountains in the background are really pretty and we can see mountains from our camp as well. Sitting outside at camp we see the ocean, but we also see mountains along the shore.

We stopped at a fish market on the way back as well. We got some halibut and some cod. Yum yum.

Once we got back, Tab told us about an eagle that had been flying around the cliffs. I got some pictures, but they aren't as good as I had hoped. It's hard to a good picture of a fast flying bird!

There is an airport nearby and a lot of different planes fly out of it. Today we saw this Coast Guard plane.

Till next time. . .


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