Saturday, June 15, 2013

Chicken, Alaska, to Tok, Alaska

Yesterday we planned an easy drive to Tok. Tok is a very small town, but big on RV parks. We actually are in a park with Tab and Deanna and one other RVer. Full hookups for $27 a night. A great bargain. . . and decent showers.

The drive yesterday got better as we went along. It started out as rough as before, but eventually smoothed out a bit on paved surfaces. We eventually hooked up with the
Alaska Highway and from there into Tok (about 12 miles) it was smooth sailing. Tab said he forgot how to drive on decent pavement. LOL

We are just here for overnight and it is a good stop. We head to Fairbanks today for a couple days, then onward to Denali. Anxious to see more. I think today's route takes us through North Pole, Alaska. Hmmmmm. . . we'll be stopping there. I remember pictures our son Brandon took there in the winter a couple years ago. There were ice sculptures. None today. . . weather is warm for here. Seventies approaching 80's in Anchorage I think. They are having a heat wave. Just how I like it!

So far we haven't been disappointed with anything we have seen. Everything has been spectacular. We aren't moving that fast, but not a snail's pace either. Taking our time, planning what to do next, etc.

Yesterday's drive included some snow capped mountains in the distance. Very beautiful.

Till next time. . .


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