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Dawson Creed to Fort Nelson, British Columbia

6-5-13 Blog

Dawson Creek to Fort Nelson, British Columbia
The day began with some sprinkles of raindrops, so Terry wanted to get stuff picked up outside before it all got too wet. We had a long day of driving and we got started about 8 a.m.

We drove up the Alaska Highway and our first stop required us to turn off the road onto a portion of the original Alaska Highway. We found the Kiskatinaw Bridge on this stretch of road. It is one of the last remaining remnants of the original construction of the highway. It is the longest wood curved bridge in North American and spans the Kiskatinaw River.
During WW II, with the building of the Alaska Highway, the Kiskantinaw River presented a hindrance. The location of the bridge site, which was near a hairpin turn on the river, forced construction of a curved right-of-way. Engineers developed this 190 foot wooden bridge with a superelevated (banked) nine degree curve to conform with the bend of the highway.

Constructed by a Canadian company, the building of the engineering marvel took nine months to complete. It was the first curved wooden bridge built in Canada and today, it is the only curved, banked trestle bridge remaining and still in use in Western Canada.

It was pretty cool and we took some pictures. The one picture is of what looks like giant pegs that are used to hold it together. It is an amazing structure.

We drove on and marveled once again at the scenery in this part of the world. We saw lots of signs warning us of wildlife, caribou, deer and moose. However, the only animals we saw were the images on the signs. LOL

We stopped at Sasquatch Crossing and got our pictures taken. Hope we don't meet any real ones. Hah!

We are camped in Fort Nelson, B.C. The camp is behind a motel and needs some work, but it is adequate. You pay big prices for any campsites in this part of the world whether they are nice or not. It is what it is.

Our weather for the last couple days has been 70 degrees or above.

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