Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Kenai to Homer . . .camping on the Homer Spit!

Our campsite for the last few nights was at Beluga Lookout. As I mentioned before, it should be known as “Tern Terrace.” We saw no whale while we were there, but the terns are EVERYWHERE as evidenced by this picture. Terry went out and took several pictures last evening. These were taken at about 11:00 p.m. And while it is really light outside, it is actually getting darker at night. For several weeks, it has been light the entire night. It hasn't been a problem. . . it's quite interesting to be outside at midnight and it still be light. One woman said it was “energizing.” It really is. . .you don't really think about going to bed because it is still light outside. But then you just fall asleep when you sit down or start working on the computer. Plunk. . . I'm out like a light! LOL

We left Kenai this morning and headed south toward Homer. There are four mountains off to the northwest across the Cook Inlet, two of which have erupted in recent history. We saw them from our camp last night and we were able to see them better on the trip down. They are all snow covered and beautiful.

We made a stop at Ninilchik. This is a village which still maintains some of its Russian heritage as many of these villages do. There is a Russian Orthodox church that sits on a bluff above the community. The graveyard around the church is still in use. It was an interesting stop and very picturesque. We could see people out on the shore who were “clamming.” Razor clams are popular here and digging them is a big event. Entire families get involved in gathering the clams. I may have to buy some and figure out why people like them so much.

We arrived in Homer and drove out on the spit where we wanted to spend the night. The spit is similar to other fishing villages we have visited. There are some shops lining parts of the road and many business. . .charters, tours, fishing businesses, seafood processors, harbors, city parks, and RV parks. We are parked at the most southern park we could find at the edge of the spit. It is expensive for just electric, but it is cheaper than other camps down here. (I refused to pay $68 for full hookups.) We also have a fantastic view of the ocean, so we are enjoying that.

Soon after we got here, we walked back up to some shops so we could grab a bite to eat. We are a bit mystified as to the price of seafood here. One would think that right here where the boats bring the seafood in, you could buy seafood fairly cheaply But that is not the case. It is very expensive here. It's the same here as it is in the grocery stores in the bigger towns. It's a mystery to me. When we go to southern Louisiana, we can buy seafood much cheaper. Not sure what's up with that.

The eagles roost on top of towers here on the Homer Spit.
Tomorrow we may take a boat ride over to Seldovia. It's a 45 minute ride and it's a small fishing village with Russian heritage.

Till next time. . .


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