Monday, June 10, 2013

Teslin, Y.T. to Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. . . Pictures later

I didn't get a blog posted yesterday because we were visiting with friends until late. So that blog and today's will be combined.

Yesterday we left the Yukon Motel resort and drove about 150 miles to Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. We didn't get rained on although there was some misting at times. Other times we had sun and it was fairly warm. We saw a couple fox and a bear along the way. I just got a picture of the fox running away, but everything else we missed.

We got into Whitehorse around noon and parked at the Visitor's Center. We walked down to the Tim Horton's so we could use their wifi. Along the way we passed the Klondike, a sternwheeler which at one time plied the river waters in Whitehorse. We are going to take the tour before we leave.

Tab and Deanna and Terry and I split up then. We planned to visit with some friends who live 30 miles outside of Whitehorse. Sue.T is a Yukon native and is a wealth of information and we wanted to pick her brain about the two routes going north to Tok from Whitehorse.

Sue and Steve live in a cabin back off the road near where a camp was located for workers building the Alaska Highway. They actually have electricity, water and sewer and not all of their neighbors do. Their closest neighbor on the same side of the road is 10 miles away. They are very secluded and enjoy the peace and quiet. They are in the Ibex Valley between two mountain ranges. At some point they intend to build a new home up behind their cabin. We went with them when they walked the dogs. Fifty-five years ago there was the “Takhini Burn,” a forest fire which devastated a large area of land. Burned trees are still visible and laying all over because wood doesn't rot and deteriorate here. I was surprised to learn also that they only average 2-4 feet of snow per year. Wow. That's less than we got when we lived in Indiana. The big difference is temperatures. They had -40 degrees this past winter. That's a bit cold for me. But they manage to insulate their cabins and stay warm. Sue said everyone up here helps each other because not doing so might result in someone freezing to death.
We slept very well last night. We were officially boondocking in Sue's yard and had to run our furnace a bit as it got colder where they are at. But it was very quiet. We had coffee with Sue after Steve left for work and visited a bit more before leaving.

We are now camped at the Hi-Country RV Park. It is a nice park, but overpriced again, but that's what you get up here. We went with Tab and Deanna to Wal-Mart and got a couple grocery items. I may have a chance to do some laundry tonight and I think tomorrow we will do some sightseeing.

Till next time. . .


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