Monday, June 03, 2013

Mile "0" on the Alaska Highway!

We left Grande Cache this morning and fueled and started rolling. It was raining again. . . we have been in rain most of the two weeks since we left. But we are supposed to have a nice day tomorrow and it actually did clear up late in the afternoon today.

We drove with hills on both sides of us today, much like going through a valley. We also had periods of time where we were traveling through what looked mostly like forest. Very few houses, except in the two towns we went through, but there is a lot of gas and oil production up here. Probably more gas than anything else. . . and wood. There was an OSB plant we passed outside of Grande Prairie. It was huge and I wondered where the people lived who worked there. When we drove into the town, there were new subdivisions being built with large houses, so there are people who live here and industries to support.

At one point while driving Terry spotted a moose down in the river. I looked quickly enough to get a glance. The picture is blurry, but I had to post it to prove we saw the moose. We were moving at speed and I had traffic behind me so I couldn't slow down.

We arrived at Dawson Creek, which is Mile "0" on the Alaska Highway. It is where the mile markers start. We are still almost 1,000 from Alaska, but we are closer than we were! We are staying here for two nights at the Northern Lights RV Park to rest up and then on Wednesday we have a 300 mile trip to Fort Nelson.


Till next time. . .


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