Thursday, June 20, 2013

Around Denali. . .

We did a little shopping this morning. We are right behind the shops, so that makes it easy. I bought a few things. I am running out of space though. Ho ho.

This afternoon we went over to the Visitor's Center. This is the one we see on the web cam. It was another hot day out there today. In fact, I think it was the hottest day yet. They are expecting some rain around Saturday I think. Today we went to see the sled dog presentation. Sled dogs have been important in Denali ever since it was founded. In fact, in the winter there are rangers that stay here all winter and their only mode of transportation is dog sled. They keep a population of sled dogs here and continue to breed for the park.

The sled dogs are remarkable. They are actually different that the dogs bred for the Iditarod. Those dogs are bred for speed and really don't have that much to carry. The sled dogs are bred for strength and are bigger and more muscular to haul freight. Those dogs like to run, though. They get all excited when they see a sled come out and when they start to take dogs from their pens, they all want to go. Some are very friendly and those dogs we could approach and pet. Not all the sled dogs like strangers, though, so some were more secure. There was one pen with puppies, but only one was out. It was sooooo cute. I would have loved to cuddle it. But I did pet several of the dogs. They are really hot today and were not interested in doing much of anything. In this heat, they just exercise the dogs once a day. When it is cooler, they get exercised twice a day.

We are staying here another night, but Tab and Deanna are moving on to another campground about 90 miles south. They want to spend a little more time in the Denali area and we are ready to move on to Anchorage, so we will split for a few days. We will meet again in Anchorage. We have plenty of time in our schedule for anything that might pop up and we are probably going to be spending a few extra days down in Anchorage and in the Kenai. Terry is looking forward to that area and we will go on some whale watching boat rides, etc. This is a beautiful state and we are really enjoying the time here. Things are going well and our rigs are running great.

Till next time. . .


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Bonnie said...

The excursions out of Seward that explore the Kenai Peninsula are fabulous. We were there in mid-August and saw all kinds of wildlife and scenery on it(including a close-up view of a glacier). The captains narration was informative and interesting. It is definitely a must-do !