Monday, June 10, 2013

Lake Watson to Teslin, Yukon Territory

Once again, we awoke to raindrops falling on our roof. I know moisture is important, but we have only had about four days in almost three weeks that it hasn't rained on us. It turned out that it was “intermittent” rain which is better than a downpour, but I prefer sunny skies.

We decided that none of the animals had raingear because we didn't see any today except some annoying birds when we stopped at a turnout. The birds are “gray jays” which seemed to be really screeching at us. One of the travelers at the rest area said he had seen a wolf standing up on a ridge near the road about ten miles back. Well, we didn't see him.

We had some road construction today and it was not pleasant. Long stretches of road which was gravel and with the rain, it was rutted and just a royal mess. I was in the lead today and I cut my speed down to about 20 mph in order to not tear up our equipment. And I didn't want to throw rocks on Tab. It's okay, we knew we would have areas like this. I just wished they were shorter. One stretch was probably about 10 km. There were a couple areas where it was obvious the road had been washed out and recently repaired. One motorcyclist in a group of four came in complaining about how much money the U.S. gives to maintain the road and he thought it was so bad it should be shut down. Said it tore up his equipment. Well, sir, next time do your research. Yes, some areas are bad. . . you aren't in the lower 48. . . they have winter BIG TIME up here and SLOW DOWN. Lots of people passed us as we crept along on the poor pavement. We are certainly enjoying the travel.

We are camped at the Yukon Motel and RV Park in Teslin, Yukon Territory. We are on the shores of Teslin Lake and it is flooded out of its banks. A few campsites are under water, but we are high and dry. They advertised they had some full hookups, but they don't. It isn't as run down as a lot of the stops along the way, though.

Tomorrow we hope to be at Sue and Steve Thomas' place in the Ibex Valley, Yukon Territory. She is a frequent poster to on Rving in Canada and Alaska. She invites travelers to stop by their place and boondock for the night, so we are going to do just that.

No internet service today. . . something else the lodge here advertises, but doesn't have. But we will survive!

Till next time. . .


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